Thursday, 10 September 2015

I shouldn't blog when I PMS


I work really long hours. I start at 3pm and work until 9am the following day. At 9.30 at night, I go onto "Passive time" this means, I can sleep, or do what I like, as long as I stay in the house. Then at 6am I am back onto active until 9am.

Usually then home for 5 hours and back again for another shift.

I work 7 shifts in a fortnight. I am away from home A LOT!

So why the grrrr?? I have had the last 2 days off, itching to get some loving and fun from my Hubby... and he begged off both nights!
I'm writing this and he is in bed. So I start to have thoughts in my head, stupid ones, I know. Logically I know they are not likely, but they are there.

Is he seeing someone when I am not home?

Doesn't he find me attractive anymore?

Have I gotten just too fat?

I have a tally board up, with quite a few marks, that need to be addressed, punishment owed. I know I need to wait upon his decisions.... its just.... GRRRRR

Ok thanks for listening. Next time I'm sure my post will be a bit more interesting!