Monday, 6 July 2015

Red and warm and HEAVENLY!

I have had things rummaging through my head the last week or so. Sitting around healing has giving me plenty of time to think... I think I am an over thinker. (Im rolling my eyes at myself)

I think my hubby has finally got his kink back on. I am trying really hard not to harass him with my constant thoughts about it. I guess I am trying (and sometimes failing) to give him an opportunity to want it again, and not just because I want it.

We have had some interesting nights in the bedroom, the first time in a long time he has spanked me with any real force leaving a mark. Plenty of times he would smack my backside, but not really hard, and it was only once or twice. This time, he made it red and warm... AND HEAVENLY!!!

He was so cute after, all about the after care, concerned he had gone to far too soon... I'm thinking, YAY we are finally getting there. He was also concerned about my wound areas and play was a little restrictive.

We visited friends for dinner last night, and in the car on the way, out of the blue he started talking about rekindling his old BDSM friends and maybe going to munches again.

I know he is thinking about it, and we are getting there.

A Blogger that I follow (stalk) is PK, she has written a most fantastic and to the point letter to her husband, explaining how she feels and how she needs his help. I was floored as I read it, I was thinking, does she have a peephole into my life? She really could have written it for me to my husband, almost the entire thing is relevant, only a few points are different.
I say she could have written it for me, and not I could have written it, because I am no where near that good at getting what I need to say, across. Thankfully, PK has graciously said I can take some of her ideas and use them in my own letter.
You can read her letter here at

Now I just have to pluck up the courage to put down my points, and give it to him, and open my own set of worms.


  1. Glad to hear your recovery is going well. As for the letter...go for it girl, sounds like He is ready! Good luck!
    hugs abby

    1. Thanks abby, I will.... soon... as soon as I have had a dose of that bowl of courage... I know its around here somewhere.... LOL

  2. I am also a member of the over think everything club, maybe that's how I began writing - trying to get my thought organized. Isn't it sweet when our men worry about now red we are or if there is a bruise. They don't realize we often see them as little badges of honor! I'm really glad if I've helped a little and I wish you the very best in your quest!

    1. Thanks PK. Really appreciate your words of encouragement. Its a work in progress.

  3. I'm glad youre healing up!

    And I'm glad you guys are moving in the direction you need. Even if it is not as fast as you would like, a step forward is a step forward!

  4. Thanks Lea, I have to learn to be more patient. I know its a problem with me, hopefully one he and I can work on together! I love this blog because, rather than bombard him with my ramblings, I can write it down here, I always feel a bit clearer after.