Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Slow boil... But missing posting

Life is always bringing us knew challenges, this last few weeks have been very busy, with a few emotional ups and downs. Without going into it too much, my hubby is feeling a little bit fragile, so I haven't been a pushy brat like I want to.

So I found these on PK's page and thought to put my own answers to them. Thanks PK!

Take a look at your walls at home. Which picture/object is your favorite and why? Bonus points if you post a picture.

This pic hangs on our bedroom wall, I love it for a few reasons, 1st, it has a black unicorn in it, and well I love putting a spin on the traditional, and 2nd it is just too raunchy with quite a bit of side boob showing, so it can't just go in the main rooms of the house. Which I kind of like, cause that means it is just for us. Sorry about the quality pic, its dark and our room doesn't have good lighting. 

What is/are your favorite perfume(s)?

I just tend to wear deodorant, but I have a huge range of perfume, I do like, but use it sparingly, as Hubby is not a big fan. 

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Have you ever hidden new shoes from your spouse?

Heeps, most of them in disrepair, or one is missing. I know I should throw them out... But what if I find the other one? Never hidden any purchase from him. 

Snacks - Sweet, Salty, or Both?  If you could choose 1 snack, and it magically had no calories, what would it be?

I like both, but if I could choose one, it would definitely be chocolate. 

What are your favorite cut flowers?

Red roses... I'm a hopeless romantic! When Hubby and I first met, one of our first dates he bought me 11 red roses, still with the thorns, he said only 11 because I was the 12th..  And the thorns were to remind me that he can bite when he wants too!  (where is that man... I need to see if he is hiding somewhere inside my current husband) 

Without using a real name, describe one person in your life with whom you have a hard time being patient.

My Mother in law. I know she is coming from a loving place, but sometimes I am grinding my teeth behind that smile. 

What food do you love that your spouse hates?  What food does your spouse love that is "yecch" to you?

Hubby hates anything that is vegetable, except potato, to which he says is an honorary meat! I love my vegies. He loves beef jerky... I just cant come at the stuff. 

What is a song you associate with meeting your honey?

My sacrifice by Creed. When we first met, it was popular, and we both loved it. It also summed up how we felt about each other and our special D/s bond. 

Do you have a favorite movie that you like to watch every few months or once a year?

Rocky Horror Picture show! I love that movie, it was a real eye opener when I was young, and it was one of the things that we both talked about when we met. I have the music on my phone and know all the songs. I love the classics too like grease and dirty dancing. I guess I'm just a sucker for musicals!

What collection(s) do you have?  How did your collection start?  (Add a picture if you like.)

Board games. We are really building momentum with them now, its a fairly new habit, but we seem to be buying one or two every month or so. 

Where would you like to go on your next vacation?  Is there somewhere else on your Bucket List?

Without question, We would love to visit Iceland and Finland. So many reasons, but this picture sums it up nicely. 

If you could only buy clothes at one store, at what store would you shop?

I really am not a fashionista. I love a bargain though, so as long as I would be getting value for money and nice comfortable clothes, I would be ok. 

What gift(s) from your spouse have been the most loved and appreciated?

For my 40th birthday, he got me 2 expansions of my favorite board game Dominion. It doesn't sound romantic, but it really was thoughtful, especially as he is not a big fan of the game, and knew he would have to play it with me. 

Name one item of your spouse's clothing that you would love to throw away.

He has recently lost a lot of weight, and has some very baggy cargo pants. But because he hates shopping, its very hard to replace them.

What is the submissive action (or inaction) of which you are most proud?

This is a hard one to answer, I cant say I am proud of anything really, as we are starting over and it has been many years since we really stepped back into these roles, I would have to say, lately, it would be accepting the pain, and taking it as far as he wanted to go, trusting that he would not go to far, and would know my limits better than I do. 

I would love to read your answers too! 


  1. Would you believe I've never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show?

    I's crazy!

    I watched Dirty Dancing way too much when I was really young, like 5-6 yrs old, and I once asked my grandma, "Have you had many women?" ...I wasn't aloud to watch it after that. Lol.

    1. Lol Misty, I can just imagine the reaction from your grandma!! But you really should see Rocky Horror Picture show. It has such a cult following. Although, its one of those shows you either love or hate. But you have to watch to find out!

  2. Great answers. I got this from Ella and I'm enjoying reading everyone's answers. I've never see Rocky Horror either and I only saw Dirty Dancing last year… how old am I?

    I'm with your husband - 'No veggies! Meat and potatoes only!'

    1. Do you take supplements instead PK? I find if I dont eat my veggies, I start to get really flat, and slow witted. And You should also watch Rocky Horror!!

  3. Love Rocky Horror, went to a showing years back where everyone dressed up, great fun.

    Your comments about shoes made me chuckle, I'm one of those that can't bear to throw things out even if something is missing...because yeah it might turn up lol


  4. Hi! Rocky Horror Picture show is one of my favs! Can't even remember how many times I've seen it! Love it!
    I love your response on the roses!

  5. Hi Linda, loved your answers. Rocky Horror is a great show, love it. wow very romantic with the roses, how sweet.
    Lindy x