Monday, 15 June 2015

Life before lifestyle

Its been a crazy few weeks. I have been sick, on antibiotics for a stomach infection, and they give me thrush! Ugh! I was at the chemist looking at the pro biotics, when I got the script filled. I should have got them.

I had an endoscopy today and have surgery booked for 2 weeks time. We had a friend stay for a week and we also had our annual Yule feast. It is always at our house, and I can tell you, feeding a 3 course meal to 16 adults and 5 kids whilst you are not 100% is no easy feat!

So we still haven't really had a good talk about it. But I refuse to let it fall by the wayside like it did all those years ago.

Part of the problem I faced last time was not being in touch with other submissives. I read a lot of adult erotica, based on BDSM lifestyle, and whilst I did find them very enjoyable, and a good source of knowledge and a help to see the different aspects. It was very bubble like. If we lived in a bubble and no "Life" got in the way, that would be a great way to live. I guess Im trying to say that I am now very appreciative to find the other blogs of submissives who actually tell their story, all of it, even the boring bits. Because its the boring bits, the mistakes, the arguments, the stress, that makes life up.

So to my bloggers that I stalk (I mean follow) thank you for being honest. It helps me believe that we can do this. Warts and all.


  1. Sorry to hear that you havent been well, thrush ugh, i have that on and off quite frequently as its a horrid side effect of diabeties...when my levels are not under control.

    It is helpful, insightful i find reading of others experiences, even if its just to know all these feelings we might have are not unique, many go through them as well.


  2. Thanks Tori. Its horrible, but clearing up now. I appreciate reading your blog too!

  3. I feel the same way about this D/s blog community. It is sometimes the only outside connection to the outside world and other people who engage in BDSM in real life, with real interruptions, ups, downs, etc.

  4. You are the norm... This reads a lot like my life honestly. I am also feeling I need to reach out more talk to real people who really do this...and its not all 50 shades of grey there is lots to over come.