Thursday, 20 August 2015

Church candles and nipple piercings.

This week has had a lot of focus on us, where we are going, and also enjoying the ride.I told him one night in a text, I liked candle play, and could that be a possibility in the future, he answered with his usual, "that sounds like fun" I thought he would drop it, but the next day, told me it was my job to find the correct candle for the play.  A little research found the best candles for play are church candles that have little additives so they don't burn too hot.

He has requested that I get my nipples pierced. We talked of this years ago, I was always weary, and he didn't push. This time I want to do it, not because I am looking forward to the pain, but because I can do this for his pleasure. He wanted to get both done, then I did some research and found that my nipples would be off limits to him for up to 12 weeks! So I asked him if he could go that long with out them.. He said, lets just do one for now! Fine by me! :)

 I spoke to my husband a few weeks ago about the idea of domestic discipline, he was a bit skeptical, that it wouldn't make any difference to the things that annoy him, and, as he pointed out, had tried it before. When our relationship was new, and I was a decade  younger than I am now, I was very "sassy" I knew I was a submissive, but I also knew I had a very independent streak, I had been single most of my life until I met him,  and it was a sharp corner to turn.

But he indulged me and said we can keep a tally, on the white board, and then incorporate it into our play. I thought this was a great starting place.

Well two weeks later, and no tally board. I know I had earned a few, I know I left a cupboard door open and a few lights, but nothing. I didn't want to push, I need him to come at it in his own way. I cant very well dictate my own punishment...

Fast forward to yesterday, we both have "man flue", and have been using tissues, He has been using a hankie. I hate hankies and told him as much, he said well I hate finding gross tissues lying around. I said well you should do something about it. He pressed, asking what I meant, I think more to see weather I would go there or not. I said, well there is no tally board...

He said, well, lets see, you left 4 lights on last week, and left 2 cupboard doors open, and I found 4 of your gross tissues... So that makes ten and proceeded to mark it up.


That escalated quickly!

Last night I got it. Boy oh boy! He used ropes, (it was a great passion of his at the beginning) and trussed me up so I could not move. He did not tell me what was going to happen next, so when it came it surprised me. I think that was part of his intention.  He laid it on me. Ten with the leather paddle, no warm up, all in the same spot on my backside very hard and very fast. I could not move. It was definitely a punishment, and I was sore for a long while after.

But it felt good to get it over with. I feel at peace now, that he has taken the reigns of this relationship and is guiding it as he will.

I don't think we have ever been closer.

I look at the news with all these cheaters with this Ashley Madison debacle, and I think, well maybe if they had sorted out who wears the pants in the relationship early and stopped fighting over power, they wouldn't need to be looking elsewhere to find it. Just my humble opinion.

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  1. Oh dear Linda, looks like our men are getting their own back. would have been hard being tied up whilst spanked. Funny how a spanking makes us feel better even though it hurts so much at the time.
    Lindy x